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2m H05VV-H2G0.75mm˛ BLACK SANS 60799 SOUTH AFRICAN to IEC-60320-C7 Power Cord

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Our 8587 series features the 2-prong (with a dummy ground), South African Plug (SANS 60799) with the IEC-60320-C7 Connector. These 2-conductor South African power cords are standard cords used for laptops, notebooks, stereos, game consoles, electric razors, and many more devices. On one end they plug into any South African wall outlet, and on the other they connect to any device using the IEC-60320-C8 Inlet. The plug of this cord has an un-connected ground pin, and the IEC-60320-C7 is also referred to as the Figure-8 connector. The 8587.079 is on H03VV-H 2G0.75mm˛ cable. It is a South Africa power cord that carries the SABS approval and is rated at 2.5A - 250V.